Put Courage Into Action and Make Your Voice Heard

Is it just me or do you feel lost too when it comes to making your voice heard in this noisy world?

For years I stopped and started, stopped and started, as I never felt I was gaining traction. I wanted to go from zero to hero overnight and allowed myself to get dis-COURAGED too easily.

Once I...

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Know Your Purpose, Create Your Legacy

Have you ever been asked if you know your purpose?

I spent lots of years of my life asking myself this very question. It seemed I didn't know who I was or what I was purposed (called) to do in life. The very thought of pinpointing my purpose caused me anxiety.

Life experience, they would say,...

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Old Is A Lie [so stop buying it]

I've been thinking a lot lately about the word retire. Have you ever thought about it? When I read the Bible, God's Word, I find God using people to fulfill His will and purpose regardless of their age. People like Moses, Abraham, Sarah. Honestly, I've read the Bible a few times, cover...

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20 Doable Steps To Help Bulletproof Your Day [that you can shamelessly steal]

Reaching past her neatly stacked books, she quickly silenced the 5am alarm. Arms and legs stretched wide and moving across her bed to awaken the senses, she thanks God for another day of life, for peaceful and restful sleep, for her bed, her home, and the events that lie ahead. She...

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Mommas Don't Let Your Boys Grow Up To Be Cowards

We are a country in crisis. Given the figurative (and sometimes literal) emasculation of men, we are finding ourselves in desperate need of a return to masculinity. For too many years we have been brainwashed by the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, education, radical liberals, and...

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Every Knee Shall Bow [to the one and only King]

This past week the self-proclaimed, @KingJames (LeBron), overstepped the boundary of basic moral ethics and code by tweeting a photo of a police officer and typing 'you're next'. This officer had just shot and killed a 16 year old female who was about to stab another young female -- both were...

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Censorship: Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Her fingers pounded the keyboard with passion, growing louder and faster with each stroke, much like a the mysterious music that intensifies in a movie, warning that something climactic is about to appear on screen.

Her eyes found the send button but she couldn't find the strength to hit it...

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For What Do You Stand? [Liberty, Freedom, Faith]

I've been thinking a lot lately about for what I stand. Have you? I ask as there will come a day, if not already, where you are going to have to choose a side. In order to choose a side wisely, you will need to know, without any doubt, for what you stand. 

Here are 5 points to ponder to help...

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The 5 Best Gifts To Give Your Children - Regardless of Their Age

Great, now I have guilt! Not gonna lie, this is how I felt many times while rearing my children as a single mom. I felt all the shame that I thought rightly came to me from God (it was actually the enemy, not God) and I acted upon it by showering my children with material gifts, highly...

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How To Confidently Lead Your Family Through Crisis

We need to go into lockdown mode as a nation for fifteen days so we can beat this thing, President Trump announced in early March. Please stay home, go out as little as possible, and shut down the economy. STAT.

Yes, by golly, we were ALL IN as patriots who love our country because we do hard...

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