Mommas Don't Let Your Boys Grow Up To Be Cowards

We are a country in crisis. Given the figurative (and sometimes literal) emasculation of men, we are finding ourselves in desperate need of a return to masculinity. For too many years we have been brainwashed by the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, education, radical liberals, and other progressive women's movements to believe that men are or are rapidly becoming irrelevant. We have been in the midst of a psyop that ridicules any man who is truly masculine -- the kind of man that real women want. 

From sperm banks to the freezing of eggs to cloning, are we actually nearing the achievement of this fantastical dream? Or better yet, nightmare? 

Just imagine a world where real men don't exist. I'm talking about men who get their hands dirty, who go out and hunt to make the kill and drag it home, men who will die for those they love, and who will die to save our country and our freedoms.

I don't know about you, but ... 

  • I prefer a man who will take a bullet for me, not one who prefers I take one for him.
  • I prefer a man who will defend me and my honor, not one who will cower when challenged.
  • I prefer a man who takes responsibility for building his house on a firm foundation and who accepts the role of husband and father with fervor, commitment, and love like Christ loved the church -- the manner in which God designed him, on purpose. 
  • I prefer a man who confidently leads his family because he knows how to first lead himself.
  • I prefer a man who is vulnerable with those he loves because vulnerability shows strength, not weakness. 
  • I prefer a man who loves God with his whole being and strives to be better with each passing day. 

If we want to have any hope of turning this country around, we've got to stop turning away from men, from masculinity. We've got to stop allowing marriages to end where women end up 'trying' to raise boys, hoping they become masculine men. The truth is, men need women, women need men, and children need two parents in the home, working together for the good of all. 

How do we course correct from here?

We course correct one step at a time, one day at a time, one saved marriage at a time, and one raised man at a time. We turn back to God's definition of man and his expectations of a man and woman in relationship and a man and woman in the home.

And until then, for all the single moms out there raising boys I say,

Mommas don't let your boys grow up to be cowards -- let them be conservatives, and cowboys and Christians and such

Additionally, encircle yourself with some masculine men who are willing to help raise your boys. Remember, this just may include their own fathers or ex-father-in-laws, so don't discount them. Always speak well of men, buy your boys guns (toy then real) and encourage them to play war and shoot at targets (a trip to the range may be in order, depending upon their age), let them build forts and other guy-type things, let them play rough and get dirty, encourage them to care for and look after siblings, and teach them how to treat women, including how to treat you. 

I leave you with this -- there is hope and it starts in your home, with you. What we do at home directly affects what we send out to the world. So stay the course, don't grow weary, and know that what you do matters. 

Now let's go raise some masculine men! 



Ester 4:14


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