20 Doable Steps To Help Bulletproof Your Day [that you can shamelessly steal]

Reaching past her neatly stacked books, she quickly silenced the 5am alarm. Arms and legs stretched wide and moving across her bed to awaken the senses, she thanks God for another day of life, for peaceful and restful sleep, for her bed, her home, and the events that lie ahead. She rises.

Her morning routine is etched in stone, like the Ten Commandments, and veering from it can wreak havoc on her day. So instead of succumbing to distractions, she proceeds to set herself up for success, to bulletproof her day with coffee, Bible, pen, and journal in hand.

As much as one might like to deny, it is true that successful people have established daily routines, typically starting in the morning. It's also true that success comes in many forms and is defined by each individual person for him or her self. 

As a believer, I've found one of the very best ways to set up for daily success is to have a daily Bible-based routine. It's the only way to bulletproof the day, in my opinion, by putting on the full armor of God, (Eph 6: 10-18), EARLY and OFTEN. 

In hopes of you adopting something similar, here's a list of 20 doable steps to help bulletproof your day:

  1. Plan the day the night before -- what gets scheduled gets done. 
  2. Determine what time to wake up -- allowing for 1/2 hour of bulletproof time. 
  3. Go to sleep (sleep really does help, wink-wink). 
  4. Wake up (shut off that alarm clock -- DO NOT hit snooze). 
  5. Stretch and move your body (this can be done in bed).
  6. Thank God by speaking out 3-5 things for which you are grateful, while stretching. 
  7. Thank God for the day that lies ahead. 
  8. Get up and make your bed. 
  9. Make your coffee or your beverage of choice. 
  10. Gather your Bible, devotional, journal, pens, highlighter. 
  11. Select a special spot to sit -- this will become your Bible-based space, so choose carefully.
  12. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal himself to you. 
  13. Sit quietly for a few minutes after asking. 
  14. Choose a section or two in the Bible to read. An example may be a chapter from Proverbs chapter the current date, a Psalm, a continuation of a Book you're reading, or any combination thereof. 
  15. Write in your journal or your Bible margin anything that inspires you, that you want to research further, or that you want to remember or memorize. 
  16. Be still. 
  17. Seek God. 
  18. Listen. 
  19. Watch and wait for God to show up and reveal Himself throughout the day.
  20. Get ready for the day with confidence knowing you are now bulletproof and equipped to face what lies ahead. 

Let's face it, life can be challenging and the better equipped and prepared you are, the better you are able work through the challenges. 

To complement this, knowing for what you stand is another bulletproofing process. You can read more about this here.

Here's to being ready for battle!



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