Censorship: Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Her fingers pounded the keyboard with passion, growing louder and faster with each stroke, much like a the mysterious music that intensifies in a movie, warning that something climactic is about to appear on screen.

Her eyes found the send button but she couldn't find the strength to hit it before doubt came pouring in like torrential rain though an open car window. 

What will her friends think? What about her job? She had heard people were getting fired for posting their beliefs. Would she be able to find employment again?

*D E L E T E*

Friend, for too long conservatives have been 'the silent majority'. For too long we have sat on the sidelines, too afraid to speak our beliefs. To speak truth. Instead, we self-censored. We became our own worst enemies by not speaking out, by not sharing our beliefs, by not wearing the 'potentially offensive or controversial' graphic-T.

Instead, we conformed. We then suddenly appeared shocked and appalled that all of our institutions had become corrupt and what was produced in the universities was now sitting inside corporations, entertainment, government, and more. 

This didn't happen overnight and it won't go away overnight. Now is the time to stop censoring ourselves and to stop being our own worst enemies. We are in a spiritual battle and it's not going to be easy yet it can be done. We can, with God's help, reverse course. 


  1. Stop self-censoring. Post the comment. Speak truth. Wear the shirt. 
  2. Stay in the fight, figuratively. We've got a country and a constitution to save.
  3. Stay connected to God. Dig into the Word and put on the Armor of God, every single day. 
  4. Stay focused. Distractions will distract. Crises will crisis. Stay on track. 
  5. Start a made in the USA conservative business OR get involved in local politics OR attend the school board meeting -- you get the idea. Each of us needs to do our part, regardless of the size or impact. Collectively it all has great impact. 
  6. Shop your values. Buy from businesses who share your beliefs and who put America first, whenever possible. 
  7. Stop being complacent thinking someone else will do the work. It all starts with you, right now, in your home, at your job, wherever you are and wherever you go. 

Let's commit to turning this ship around together. Our country needs us and our future generations will thank us. America is the greatest country to ever exist and we need to keep it that way. 

In God We Trust. 


Pamela J

Ester 4:14


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