What the heck is an Audience Avatar and how do you find one?


Finding my Avatar and narrowing down who I was speaking to in the marketplace is something I resisted for years. Bottom line, I wasn't coachable. I wanted my message to be heard by everyone, not a small segment of the market. 

After not getting results by doing things my way, I decided to surrender my ways and follow those who had gone before me. I listened to my mentor, even when I didn't understand the why or the how behind the coaching.

I'm so grateful that I finally woke up. 

This message is to encourage you to not be like me, the former me anyway, and to simply be coachable from the start.

So let's dive in...

  1. Your Avatar is your Audience, the ONE person you are talking to. I know this sounds backward, yet it will actually move you the most forward. It will make your marketing far more effective than trying to talk to everyone. Of course, this one person that you are talking to is 'times infinity'. You are basically speaking to clones, in a sense.
  2. What you stand for. When you talk to everyone, you talk to no one. The trick is finding what your business stands for, what you stand for. If you stand for everything, you stand for nothing. You are going to attract similar people to who you are and then speak to your Avatar. Like attracts like. You are looking for those who want to follow where you are leading them.
  3. Keep a visual representation of your Audience Avatar. Fill in details as you go along such as--what does my avatar do on the weekend? What avocations, hobbies, interests? Education level? What does your Avatar read? Exercise? Lifestyle? Nutrition? Faith? Does it Matter? Age of your Audience Avatar? How much money does your Avatar earn? Where does your Avatar shop? How does your Avatar feel? Does your Avatar have children? Does your Avatar travel? If yes, to where?

I'm pretty certain you are asking yourself right now how you go about finding answers to these questions. Keep in mind, you will find out more and more as time goes on. You will learn more as your email list grows and your social media followers grow. 

In the meantime, you can be paying attention inside Facebook groups and forums where you Avatar might be hanging out. Be a good groupie, you want to join the groups for Avatar information, not to steal the followers.  

And be patient, you aren't going to have all the answers in the beginning. Let your Avatar grow and evolve as you and your business grow and evolve.

I believe in you and what is so possible for your life, from the bottom of my heart to the bottom of yours.


Pamela J

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