What and How Are You Personally Developing?


[These 3 Key areas are where you want to focus, according to the greatest business philosopher of all time, Jim Rohn]

My journey with personal development started in my youth when my mom was in the multi-level-marketing space making a living for her five children. I would attend the training meetings with her and, as a result, became immersed in personal development messages. I had no idea the profound effect this would have on me.

Then, fast forward, in 2007 I had the amazing opportunity to see Jim Rohn live. Jim Rohn was a world-renowned business philosopher who has left an impression upon people, with his teachings, for years. His philosophies and sayings live on this day through the internet, his website, his social media accounts, books, audios, and other mediums such as Success Magazine. Truly incredible, you've gotta check him out and add him to your personal development library and toolkit.

Jim Rohn challenged me and the entire live audience to focus on 3 key areas--the areas where you want to give your time and attention.

So let's go...

  1. Your Spiritual Development. I'm not gonna get preachy, however, you want to develop your spiritual self. We are human beings and the only beings who can talk, write, and create. We cannot take this lightly--this is not an accident. Me personally, I'm a believer, a woman of faith. Given this, part of my spiritual development is reading the Bible every day. Not all day, yet every day. What is it for you? How are you developing spiritually? Do not neglect this area.
  2. Your Physical Development. How are you showing up to the world? How are you showing up in the marketplace? Are you treating your body like a temple? Are you conscientious about what you put into your body? Are you moving your body? I'm not talking about obsessively, yet input does equal output, so you've got to do something. Pilates reformer is my exercise of choice, should you need a recommendation. Remember, first impressions do exist, so show up as your best self, highlighting your best self. Come as you are to worship, and come as your best self to the marketplace. 
  3. Your Mental Development. Are you only going for the easy stuff? Are you casting aside poetry and history? How are you growing your mind? Are you practicing any memorization, whether it's scripture or quotes? Mental development is key to staying healthy, challenging your brain, and stretching your memory and recall. 

These are the three key areas you want to spend time and attention on so that you can become the best version of you, every single day. 

I believe in you and what is so possible for your life, from the bottom of my heart to the bottom of yours.


Pamela J

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