The Compound Effect: Why the seemingly small decisions and choices you make every single day matter [in a BIG way]!

Have you ever thought about how your decisions and choices add up, over time, in your life?

You know, the little things you do every day that have a cumulative, compound effect, over time, and can lead you in a positive or negative direction.

For example, as Brooke Castillo recently shared in her podcast regarding this very subject, she shares how taking a bite of a cookie every day won’t change anything in a day or a week. However, do this every day for a year and you will see the negative result, the compound effect, of your daily consumption.

The same goes for exercise--do thirty minutes of exercise every single day and you won’t see the result in a day or a week or perhaps even a month. However, do 30 minutes of exercise for 352 days in a row and you will see a positive result, the compound effect, of your commitment.

You can apply this to anything in your life!

Your a little something every day to move your business forward for one year.

Your (or listen to) a bit of a book or podcast every day to increase your knowledge for one year.

Your health...commit to eating healthy every day to improve your overall health for one year.

Your relationships...commit to contributing something positive every day to improve your relationships for one year.

Darren Hardy, in his book ‘The Compound Effect’ provides multiple examples and dives even deeper into the process and outcomes. I suggest you grab it here and begin to change your life, for the better, by the simple decisions and choices you make every single day.

You can also watch my Facebook Live on the topic here.

Friend, my desire is that you take action and that you take seriously the seemingly small decisions and choices that you make every single day so they add up to something BIG and POSITIVE in your life.

“There are only a half dozen things that makes 80% of the difference in any area of our lives.”  -Jim Rohn

You’ve got this.

Pamela J


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