Do Other People's Opinions [OPOs] Really Matter In Life and Business?

There was a time in my life when I believed I couldn’t make an independent decision, or, if I did, that it wouldn’t come without great consequence.

This was stifling.

You see, I was suffering from the desire to please everyone. I didn’t want waves from rocking the boat. I didn’t want anyone upset. And I definitely didn’t want anyone upset with me.

To say this caused some inner turmoil is like saying that a cat 5 hurricane causes a gentle breeze.

I relied so much on OPOs, other people’s opinions, before I could move forward that I didn’t move anywhere. I wanted permission. I wanted approval. I wanted affirmation.

And I know that I’m not alone.

You can further check out my thoughts over on my Facebook page where I went Live to share and bare my soul. Well, okay, it’s not *that* extreme.

So when should you seek out other people’s (or other professionals) opinions?

    1. When deciding whether or not to buy an accessory or clothing article? Sure, go ahead, but this is a casual, informal opinion and NOT detrimental to your health! You do NOT have to go along with the opinion of the other person! Can you say #Freedom?!
    2. When choosing a piece of home decor or furniture? Of course, ask away. Again, you do you and go with what you want. It’s time to exercise your ability to make an independent decision that goes against other’s opinions. Newsflash, it is not your job to please everyone.
    3. When making a life or business decision? Yes! This is the time to seek out the professionals or those who have had success in the specific area. You really need to watch my Facebook Live to hear what I have to say about this!

 Here’s what I know with certainty. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs make decisions even when they don’t have all the details. Even when they don’t know the how behind their decisions, even when the decision goes against everyone else’s opinions!  

And do you know what else they do?

They OWN their decisions, they take full responsibility, and they move forward.

What decision will you make today to move your life or business forward tomorrow?


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