Knowing where you're headed in business and in life gives you clarity of purpose.

You wake up each day with focus, intention, and confidence. Your life has greater meaning than ever before and you are excited about where you are going and what you are doing. You are making an impact and you can laugh at the days ahead because you have no fear of the future. This is my desire for you and why I created 'My True Purpose™' Workbook. This workbook will get you started on your journey and I'm here to be your eternally grateful guide. 

Discover Your Purpose.

Have you ever wondered what your true PURPOSE really is? Do you want to make a difference in business and in life that will have lasting impact for generations to come? If yes, then 'My True Purpose™' Workbook [FREE] will help you get  started  today.

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Hi, I'm Pamela J.

A Christian by choice, a mom by love, and a coach by trade. I am committed to doing my best to lead by biblical principles and strategies each and every day. 

My passion and my mission is to help you get crystal clear on your purpose so you can put it into action in your business, life, and faith and create a legacy that lasts for your children and your children's children, for a thousand generations.