Oh hey there, friend, I'm Pamela J of Pamela J & Co.

I'm so excited you are here and so happy to meet you. It is my hope that you decide to become part of our community and hang out on a regular basis. It would be my honor to have you join us!

I get daily inspiration from women like YOU who want to be, do and have their best at work and home. YOU feed me and give me strength every single day.

YOU and YOUR DREAMS fire. me. up!

And I'm here to help you define and reach them as we step into creating and living your powerful and purpose-driven legacy. Oh, sister, you were made for such a time as this and for so much more.

The itty bitty ditty about moi:


I'm a purebred SoCal mom of 3 and grampam of 3. I like vegetables, a lot, eat clean most of the time, and start each morning with Bulletproof coffee [oh, so good], a healthy green and red anti-oxidant drink, and a 60-minute morning ritual that includes prayer meditation, prayer mantras, visualizing, devotions, and dream writing with intention.

I work at becoming my personal best, everyday, so I can show up, my best, for you, everyday.

I spend free time exercising, hanging with my family and my GFFs [all praises to girlfriends forever]. I’m obsessed with home fashion, bargain finds, spatial organization, coffee houses, flowers, and sandy beaches. I enjoy music from a variety of genres and I do randomly blurt out songs.

Oh, and I love to dance. I mean, what would life be without a little, or a lot of, song and dance?

Marriage. Children. Single Parenting. Life Happens.

I’ve started over, from scratch, more often than anyone should or would intentionally choose.

Perhaps you have, too, or you might be in the middle of what feels crazy right now, wondering what the next day will bring. Take it from a pro, this too, shall pass, I promise.

I'm here to tell you, with absolute confidence and certainty, what's true for me can become true for you, too, because here's the deal: I’m still standing better than I ever did, looking like a true survivor, feeling like a little kid [thank you Elton].

And you can too! Marriage. Children. Single Parenting. Life happens. It is what it is. Ya' just gotta focus forward. With grit.

Bring Your Legacy To Life, Powerfully and Purposefully.

Throughout my career of leading and developing teams and individuals, I have continuously encouraged others to create and chase their dreams, uncover their passions, grow multiple income streams, and live their legacies with power and purpose.

"Yes, you really can become what you set your subconscious mind to... and then act upon."

The key ingredient is to never quit and to never give up. Everything is doable and work-out-able.

Momma always told me where there's a will, there's a way--your will (what drives you) just has to be strong enough to find the way. Of course, momma was right!

So what do you say we jump in and get this party started?

Here's to living your powerful and purpose-driven legacy,

Pamela J

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