Hi, I'm Pamela J.

I'm so grateful you're here and so incredibly happy to meet you! 

As a coffee drinkin', bible believin', anti-abortion advocate and mom of three, I know firsthand the burning desire to feel forgiven and free. 

The good news is you don't have to walk this path alone (trust me, that road ain't paved with gold). Instead, let's embark on this journey together. I'm committed to walking by your side, lock step, and to being your guide so that you thrive, not just survive! 

Friend, YOU were made for such a time as this and the best IS yet to come. And it's NEVER too late to start this healing journey! The key is staying connected via community. Will you join me?

We'll have fun, pinky promise.

xo, PJ

P.S. If you answered yes or you're simply slightly curious, then join my community of empowered and truth-speaking women to stay connected, encouraged, and filled with hope.

Until we meet again, here are a couple bible verses to plant in your heart:

Ester 4:14 | Isaiah 61:3

Join my community of courageous women to stay connected through truth and hope.


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